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KRATKÝ FILM PRAHA was a czech film production company and they released lots of progressive stop-motion puppet and cartoon films. Zdeněk Miler‘s most famous character “Krtek”, not hard to find on DVD, Jiří Trnka‘s Puppet Animations, Lubomír Beneš & Vladimír Jiránek’s Pat & Mat, Břetislav Pojar‘s “Pojďte pane, budeme si hrát”, and of course Jan Švankmajer‘s alchemistic surreal short films, more about him later, just to name a few. In spring I was in Prag to visit the Krátký Film company. I was so dissapointed to hear from a security guy that this company doesn’t exist anymore. After that I was looking for some films on dvd and found them of course in Japan! I found out that Columbia Japan probably brought all stuff from Krátký Film before or after they ran out of money. There’s still a website from Krátký Film, showing their huge film catalogue. Unfortunately this catalogue is only in english, so the original names of the films are missing.

Krátký Film Praha Catalogue


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