Karel Zeman – The Special-Effect Master

Well there are plenty more interesting films from Czech Rebublic. Let’s talk about Karel Zeman. Have you ever seen “Krabat”, or “Baron Prášil”, The Fabulous Baron Münchhausen? If not then I’m sure you’ve seen Monty Pythons Flying Circus. If you compare the Monty Python short intermissions from Terry Gilliam, then you’ll see from where he got inspired. Karel Zeman combines live action, stop-motion animation and deliberately unreal backgrounds in his films. For me he’s the special-effect master. There’s nothing on DVD in Europe, except one film called “Cesta Do Pravěku” (Reise in die Urwelt). But Broadway from Japan released a huge DVD Collector’s Box with 8 DVDs and a book called “Retrospektiva”. Baron Prášil and „Vynález zkázy” (The Fabulous World of Jules Verne) were released later separately. Later I found out that two other interesting films are missing: “Ukradená Vzducholod” (The Stolen Airship) and the wonderful short film “Inspirace” (Inspiration). These two films are also released on DVD, but from New Animation Animation (NAA) Pioneer in Japan. Unfortunately all these DVDs are only subtitled in japanese. Here’s what you get!

Karel Zeman DVD Collector’s Box (8 DVDs + Book)

Karel Zeman DVD Collector’s Box (2 DVDs)

Karel Zeman Film Works (Ukradená Vzducholod + Inspirace)


2 thoughts on “Karel Zeman – The Special-Effect Master

  1. Stumbled upon a few Baron Münchausen stills yesterday, and am o b s e s s e d. Not really, but REALLY want to find some of his work[s] — with English subtitles.

    All/Same, even the Japanese titles you have linked are sold out now.

    Late To The Party, And I Haven’t Even Dressed. . .

  2. Thanks for your interest.
    Well I found two newly released DVDs in english. Here you go:

    Baron Prášil (The Fabulous World Of Jules Verne) [1957]:

    Na kometě (Off On A Comet) [1970]:

    Maybe there will be more. Be patient.
    Last year Germany released 5 films from Karel Zeman. But unfortunately only in german language and 3 of them are in very bad video quality.

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