I want to listen to my Oktalyzer Tracks!

Here are all SoundTrackers I use(d) until now. Maybe you’d say: “Why the hell you use SoundTracker software? There’s Cubase, Ableton Live, man!” Well the fact is, I grew up with Oktalyzer in 1988, so I’m habited composing music on it. I’m much faster with Tracker software. Oktalyzer was the first Tracker with 8 tracks. And the super thing was, I could sample my own stuff with a little hardware gadget, which my brother bought once. The resolution was 8-Bit. I still have all my songs on my dusty AMIGA harddisk. Unfortunately my AMIGA monitor bricked. What I’d like to do is, making a backup of my songs from the harddisk and import them on PC. There are many Soundplayers which supports .OKT-files or better run and edit the songs using WinUAE. Please, a little help from my brothers!

Oktalyzer (Commodore AMIGA 500)

FastTracker (PC MS-DOS)

NoiseTrekker (PC Windows 95/98/2000)

Renoise (Windows XP/Mac OS X)

NitroTracker (Nintendo DS Homebrew)


5 thoughts on “I want to listen to my Oktalyzer Tracks!

  1. FastTracker was also mine!!! In my small town Lyon (france), playing with soundBlaster card!!!!

  2. Hello! Nice to see someone else use Oktalyzerge to create songs. Do you know how to create new patterns and make them play in order?

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