R 101 Airship – Fish In The Sky

Nothing is real? Rubbish! This is real history stuff: The R 101 Airship was a British airship that crashed on October 5, 1930 in France during its maiden voyage, killing 48 people. It was one of the worst airship disasters, along with the Hindenburg disaster that coloured international public opinion of lighter-than-air craft and effectively ended British employment of rigid airships.

Crew: 42 Length: 237 meters Diameter: 40 meters Hydrogen capacity: 160,000 cubic meters Disposable lift: 50,000 kg Powerplant: 5 x Beardmore MkI Tornado 8 cylinder Diesel 585 bhp Maximum performance speed: 71 mph

In Rule of Rose (for more information, see last post) is a very similar representation of the R 101 airship (Route from Cardington to India, crashes and kills the onboard passengers, etc.). The main character’s parents apparently died in the crash of this airship as well.

Information taken from wikipedia

Here I made a paper model from a pdf-file I found on the net. Well you see, for me it was not easy to stick each parts together, escpecially the front one. Maybe you can make it better. Download the pdf-file at Currell Graphics. Unfortunately I didn’t find a plastic model kit of the R 101. But I’ve found a 1:500 scale model of the R-100 airship from Maquette (MQ5000). Here’s how it looks (click on the picture to read a review):


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  1. Thanx for the link. I’m glad to see some new photos of the R 101 scale replica soon! Are there some more and longer archive movies from the R 101 in better quality on the net, or are there any documentaries on DVD?

  2. hi today i found a model of the indenburg it is approx 5 in long has all the motors and also the swatsicas i dont know wath it is made of it is very old but in fantastic condition can you tell me wath it is worth or give me a name of someone who can help me thank you

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