The Research Of Mr. Hulot’s Holiday

Since more than 50 years ago, Mr. Hulot came to the “Hôtel De La Plage” in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer for holidays. What was fake in the film, what has changed today and what’s still same today? Here’s the clue:

Left: The hotel probably in 1953. Right: in 2004 As you can see, the hotel’s logo changed. A new part was built over that wall. This is very pitty, because you cannot see the roofwindow from Hulot anymore. On the right side behind the hotel, you still can see the same house on the hill.

The three houses just at the left side from the hotel still stand.

Left: The view to the sea with the way to the little lighthouse. Right: Unfortunately the little lightouse doesn’t exist anymore. Why? The employee of the hotel told me, that in the 80s the lighthouse fell down because of the big waves and the heavy wind.

Pure nature! Nothing has changed here!

Left: The villa of Martine was fake and never existed. Left from the villa there was a little souvenir shop called “Souvenirs de plage”, which was fake too.

Left: The faked souvenir shop. Right: The place where the souvenir shop would stand. The house on the right side still looks same (see last picture above), but another balcony and an entrance door has built and became a window.

Left: The entrance was fake too. All the inside scenes from the whole film were filmed at Boulogne-Billancourte in Paris. Left: Here would be the fake entrance.

Believe it or not, Mr. Hulot played tennis here! It was a confusing puzzle to find out that place. Left: The whole place has changed into a playground. From here you have a wonderful view to the beach at the coast-side and also to the hotel.

Left: Behind the tennis court at the beach, you can see the way to the little lighthouse. Right: The same here without the little lighthouse. This must have been the place where he played tennis.

Next to the hotel, in 1999 they built an observatory straight to the beach where the Hulot statue stands. His pipe got robbed at the same day they put him here. Also Jacques Tati lost his pipe at the beach during the film shooting.

For the research I only used screenshots from the film and the book called “Les Vancances de Monsieur Tati – Hulot à Saint-Marc-sur-Mer” written by Stéphane Pajot, which I bought at the kiosk in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer. I would also like to thank to the employees and the whole crew of the “Hôtel De La Plage” for giving me their patience to answer my questions and for the very pleasent stay in their hotel. Lastly, I would like to thank to Mr. Hulot, who let me know about this wonderful place.


12 thoughts on “The Research Of Mr. Hulot’s Holiday

  1. These are beautiful ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for all lovers (like me) of Monsieur Hulot’s holiday at the Hotel de la Plage, at Saint-Marc-sur-Mer. Thank you!

  2. Superb work. Any chance of doing the same with the Mon Oncle locations? Thank you for your well-done efforts.

  3. Thank you for this excellent piece. I have been an admirer of Monsieur Hulots Holiday for about a year now, and frequently rewatch over and over, and never tire of watching.
    I have put a visit to Saint-Marc-sur-Mer at the head of my wish list, alas, when that will be I dont know. Best Wishes.

  4. We have just returned from six days at Hotel de la Plage and your research is very helpful. I also want to join the preservation society because I felt that the town of St Marc-sur-Mere has successfully retained its character. I also liked very much the book by Stephane Pajot Les Vacances de Monsieur Tati, Hulot at Saint-Marc-sur-mer, published by Editions d’Orbestier,which you probably know about. I bought it at the local Presse next to the bar in one of the original buildings. Ialso met someone who remembered the making of the film.

    Do you know how much of the original hotel is still there. is the old staircase there?

    Finally, just before coming to St Marc-sur-Mer my wife and myself saw the wonderful movie, L’Illusioniste, based on Tati’s script. I’m sure you would enjoy it if you have not already seen it.

    Thank you so much again. Let’s keep in touch.

  5. Just posted on the Facebook Jacques Tati page
    We even saw a little Amilcar being driven around when we were there in mid September ’11
    Brilliant time – it was almost like making a Pilgrimage!

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