Hindenburg LZ129 Scale Replica 1:720 (Revell 04802)

Hindenburg LZ129

Here’s my third model I’ve built. I own this model because it was the largest aircraft ever built. In its second year of service it was destroyed by a fire while landing at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey on May 6, 1937. A total of 36 people of 97 perished in the “accident”, which was widely reported by film, photographic, and radio media (check out two high-qualtiy movies on Internet Archive).
Revell made this model kit in 1995. I didn’t find it on their page, so it’s no more manufactured. Instead of the 1:720 scale replica there is a Mini-Kit. But I’ve still found the 1:720 scale replica online at a swiss shop called Hobby-Shop Hässig. The model kit is very detailled and has fragile thin parts, which can break very easily, if you’re not handle them well. All in all it’s a nice kit, for me a litlle small comparing to the R-100 Airship from Maquette, which was a 1:500. A kit review can be found at Modeling Madness.


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  1. maybe you should tell people how it exploded. i will wxplain, on may 6, 1937, the lz 129 was landing in lake hurs new jearsy. after ariving about 6 hours late, it was delayed another 2 hours because of a storm and wasent alowed to land. After the storm pased the air had residue of static electrity and mad a spark on the top of the lz129’s hydrogen vent, there for causing an explosion. the fire wasen’t burning off the hydrogen alone, but also from the coating of iron oxide and aluminum bronze to prevent the fabric of wearing. i hope you will update your wbsite soon.
    P.S. how much fabric did the hindenburg have, it had over 750,000 sq.ft.and ove 7 million cupic feet of hydrogen. take care.

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