LZ129 Hindenburg Interior Decoration Artwork

A-Deck Plan of the Hindenburg

A-Deck Interior

A-Deck Entrance

Dining Room

Promenade (Dining Room)


During its first year of service, the airship had a special aluminium Blüthner grand piano (~180 kg) placed on board in the lounge, but it was removed after the first year to save weight.

Reading & Writing Room (Lounge)

If you compare the original with the replica, on the left is missing a picture and the shelve was actually white coloured.

Some Silk wallpaper artworks from the Writing Room

Promenade Deck 1

Passengers’ Cabins

Crews’ Cabins (located toward the rear of the airship)

B-Deck Interior

Smoking Room

Officers’ Mess


3D-Remake of Breuhaus’ furnitures, designed by Kev_Boy.

Original interior design by Caesar Pinau & Fritz August Breuhaus de Groot.
Original silk wallpaper decor artworks by Otto Arpke.


11 thoughts on “LZ129 Hindenburg Interior Decoration Artwork

  1. One of the pictures here shows a passenger cabin with a window, but none of the cabins on the LZ-129 had windows.

    Could that image be from the LZ-130?

  2. cabins were added to b deck between the first and second seasons to accomodate more passengers. this is part of the reason the grand piano was removed.

    can we get plans of b deck onto this page at all? if not, can anyone tell me where i can get some on the web?

  3. That particular picture is from the LZ-130. The cabins added on B deck would have had the windows near the floor.

  4. The artwork by Otto Arkpe is beautiful! Are there any additional images of his Hindenburg work which can be added to this page?

  5. where did the piano go? was it auctioned off or destroyed?
    aluminimum wrapped with pigskin? how much did it weigh? Is it in a museum anywhere?

  6. Wow… I’ve been fascinated by the German airships since I was a kid, and I’ve seen some interior photos before, but nothing like what you have put together. Thanks! I feel like I’ve taken a tour.

  7. were their bathroom towels with cloth hanging ring, with zeppelin and balloon motif?found one for sale with balloons and small zeppelins on it but dont know if it is original

  8. In reference to J.peterson questions “where did the piano go? was it auctioned off or destroyed? how much did it weigh?” … the piano weighed about 180kg/400lbs and was removed after a few months to save weight.

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