“Zeppelin” in Bern

Yesterday I went to the Landesbibliothek (National Library) in Berne to do a research of the first and only “Graf Zeppelin” landing in Berne. I wrote already two posts about it before. But this time I checked several microfilms from old newspapers “Der Bund”, “Berner Tagblatt” and the “National Zeitung”. All in all I found 4 articles, no photos, but a landing plan advertisement, which was printed the day before (see above). Today I made a pdf from the most important newspaper clippings of “Der Bund” and the “National Zeitung”. To get the pdf, just click on the landing plan picture above.

Zeppelin über Bern - Bundeshaus, Hotel Bellevue u. Münster Mit Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin befördert

Yes, some other postcards from Berne, found again on eBay! On the backside of the 2nd postcard you can see the post stamp of Berne with the date 12.X.30.

Offiz. Karte - Zeppelin-Landung Bern 1930 Offiz. Karte - Zeppelin-Landung Bern 1930

Probably this was the official postcard they made for the Zeppelin landing in Berne 1930. I don’t think the photo is from Berne. Maybe they just brought these postcards with the Zeppelin and sold them at the Beundenfeld market or kiosk. I just found this postcard on Ricardo.

“Graf Zeppelin” over the “Berner Mösli” (Belpmoos), but it didn’t land here.