PHILIPS VIDEOPAC + 128-In-1 Multicart


PHILIPS VIDEOPAC 128-In-1 Multicart

Today I finally got my own PHILIPS VIDEOPAC G7000. I was the only bidder on Ricardo and got the VIDEOPAC for only 30 CHF! It’s still in very good condition. Instead of spending a lot of money & space for all those many cartridges I stumbled onto the 128-In-1 Multicart made by John Donzila in 2003. The Multicart is the same size as an original O2 or VIDEOPAC cartridge. There is a set of switches on top which you use to select the games.

8-pin Switchbox

The multicart is compatible with THE VOICE!. It works on all PAL versions. The O2 Multicart costs 50 $ and comes in a sturdy plastic case with full color insert and complete instructions.
The whole day I worked very hard for a new gamelist booklet. The booklet contains each boxart, screenshot, game title name and game number and switch code. Instead of the Magnavox game titles I used the VIDEOPAC game titles. If you plan to get a Multicart too, then I’d recommend you to download my own made gamelist. Just click on the picture below.

PHILIPS VIDEOPAC Multicard Gamelist

With the 29 paged booklet (print 2 pages per page), it’s much more easy to choose your favourite game!
By the way, the Multicart hasn’t got all games. These games are missing: Musician (31), Helicopter Rescue (59+), Trans American Rally (60+) and some newer homebrews. Musician (31) doesn’t work because there was a keyboard needed, which was included.


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