CALDARA – A Moog Mass [Stabat Mater] (1970)

Antonio Caldara, 1670 or 1671 – December 26, 1736, was an Italian Baroque composer. He is best known as a composer of operas and oratorios.

On “Moog Mass” you can hear vocoder prayers over a moog backtrack. It is one of the first vocoder albums ever made, very rare to find and not available on CD yet.

CALDARA – A Moog Mass
Label: Kama Sutra 940084 T
Released: 1970
Concept, Production & Supervision: BeeZee Music Productions
Ass. Prod. Supervision: Glenn Hart
Production: Robert Margouleff, John Atkins, John Corigliano
Moog programming, Interludes & Synthetic Speech Techniques: Robert Margouleff
Moog Keyboards: John Atkins
Moog Diction: Robert White (Tenor)
Continuo: Toby Saks (cello), John Atkins (harpsichord)
English Text Spoken by Malcolm Cecil
Translation From latin: John Atkins
Engineering: Robert Margouleff, Malcolm Cecil
Recordists: Buzz Richmond, Paul Shands
Photograph: Alain Marouani

01 The Mother Stood
02 Who Is The Man
03 Share With Me The Pain
04 Virgin Of Virgin’s
05 Make Me Carry The Death Of Christ
06 In Flames May I Not Be Burned
07 Christ, When I Leave This Life


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