Intellivision lives!

Yes, the time has come, that I finally found a working Intellivision (Model No. 5370), released 1979 by Mattel Electronics. Again I found it at the flea market in Reitschule Bern, which is always at the first Sunday of the month. The console is in nearly mint condition, well there are only a few unremarkable scratches on the front side, and the controllers do their job still well. I only paid ridiculously 50 CHF for the console including these following 19 games. It’s a super smashing deal, isn’t it?

All games are complete with box, manual and with the overlays. Some of them even have Intellivision catalogues inside!


2 thoughts on “Intellivision lives!

  1. I have Intellivision model 5370 1979 year ,have one game .The console is on good condition.Its for sale

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