MARIO design comparision – Super Mario Land wins

MARIO design

If you compare the first 6 Mario characters (Donkey Kong/Wrecking Crew/Super Mario Bros/Super Mario Land), which one would you prefer? I definitely prefer the last one (on the right side). Mario’s design looks more solid than the others, and he’s very cool with his hands in his pocket. In my opinion Super Mario Land is still the best 2-D Super Mario game. It was the first Game Boy platformer for Mario. And by the way, it’s the only Mario game that lets you pilot a submarine and airplane. Look at these cute screenshots!


Super Mario Land 1 never came in colour. The next picture is how the game would look like in colour (fake).

Here’s the boxart:

Here’s the american commercial:


6 thoughts on “MARIO design comparision – Super Mario Land wins

  1. O my god!
    I think so, that the mario Land is the Best Mario Ever!
    and looks so good the color fake photos!

    is possible a remake? 😉

  2. the fake color isn’t far off from what gameboy color/advance, and super gameboy does when you play it on there.

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