TEA4TWO FC/AC = FAMICOM (1st Version but has AV)


Finally I found an original marvelous 1:1 Famicom, assembled with a stunning high-qualtiy composite audio video output (AV) by the CODING FACTORY “TEA 4 TWO” from Japan. You can see that they replaced the Nintendo branding logo “FAMILY COMPUTER” with “TEA4TWO FC/AV”, because of the copyright. TEA4TWO assembled only an AV inside the real Nintendo Famicom. So what you get is the original Famicom, not a clone!
Later Nintendo released a 2nd Famicom with AV but looked much more different than the first one, but had removable controllers like the NES. Here’s a picture of the 2nd Nintendo Famicom AV:

If you surf on their website, you can see that they sell only high quality stuff. You even can buy new Famicom Disk System belts, chipset gears and other small replacement stuff. Unfortunately the webshop only ships within Japan. Click the picture above to check their website!

Left: Old Famciom with RF output only. Right: TEA4TWO FC/AC


One thought on “TEA4TWO FC/AC = FAMICOM (1st Version but has AV)

  1. Hey, where can I buy this game? It is great I played it in my childhood and I’d buy it please I Know about where I can buy. Thank you

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