My MARIO BROS. [MULTI SCREEN] GAME & WATCH arrived this week! The game itself is in mint condition. It came complete with box & instruction manual. But the box has many scratches and folds, so I scanned it, cleaned and reproduced it in 600 dpi. Tomorrow I’ll print the boxart and finish the package!


5 thoughts on “MARIO BROS. GAME & WATCH MULTI SCREEN package

  1. i have tons of old boxart scans with scratches and folds. do you want do give them a fresh paint? don’t forget; the original boxes with their traces of time are having more value than any remake in glossy 600dpi.

  2. You’re right. I realized it, when I did a print of my package today. I was dissapointed of the colorprint quality. For me, it was a good experience to make a reproduction from the original artwork. I didn’t make it in order to exceed the original artwork. One cannot make the original better. I rather wanted to restore the original. Anyway, I had much fun and learned many things to it.

  3. Hi, is it possible to get this box art somewhere. Or even the original scan before photoshop.

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