Every short is about the adventures of every different insect. The insects of the 13 shorts are:

The Caterpillar

The Grasshopper
The Mosquito
The Ant
The Worm
The Cricket

The Snail
The Flea
The Ladybird
The Termite
The Bee
The Dragonfly
The Spider

Co-production Bruno Bozzetto Film – TSI (Televisione Svizzera Italiana)
Direction Bruno Bozzetto
Script Bruno Bozzetto
Animation Riccardo Denti
Picture Ugo Magni
Editing Ugo Micheli – Giancarlo Rossi
Music Franco Godi
Year 1980

Sorry, no more videos here!

LILLIPUT PUT was only released on LaserDisc (Catalog#:  SF068-1108) manufactured by Pioneer Japan.

More infos at: BrUnO BoZzettO’s HoMePaGe


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