VIDEOPAC 31 – Musician

if you haven’t got the overlay (only for G7400), then you can download it here.


THE HINDENBURG [Robert Wise/1976]

Finally a german DVD release of “The Hindenburg” will be available in November 8th of this year! If you love Zeppelins in full colour, then you must see this film! Here are some screenshots (from the english version):


After watching the german version, I compared it with the english version:

Duration of the german version: 110 minutes
Duration of the english version: 125 minutes
Film aspect ratio german version: 1.78:1
Film aspect ratio english version: 2.35:1

You see the difference? If you want to see the full lenght, don’t buy the german version, it’s shortened, has the wrong film aspect ratio and it’s audio and subtitle is only in german. For my opinion, this release is very very dissapointing!