The Directors of Liberty Records, Sugartown Music and Metric Music, request the pleasure of your company at the Birthday Party of The Idle Race at the Sugartown Corporation Social Centre, Birmingham. Champagne & Cake 7.45 for 8 p.m.

The musical selection for the occasion was specially composed and performed by The Idle Race, and included such musical gems as

Side 1
The Skeleton and the Roundabout
Happy Birthday
The Birthday
I Like My Toys
The Morning Sunshine
Follow Me Follow
Sitting In My Tree

Side 2
On With The Show
Lucky Man
Mrs. Ward
Pie In The Sky
The Lady Who Said She Could Fly
End Of The Road

Album produced and engineered by Gerlad Chevin, Edward Offord and The Idle Race.
Entire Album recorded at Advision Studios, London.
All songs written by Jeff Lynne, except “Pie In The Sky” written by Dave Pritchard
Art direction, photography and design by Paul Whitehead.
Arrangements for “Follow Me Follow” and “The Lady Who Said She Could Fly” by Cy Payne.
Management, Idle Race, Ray Williams II, Albermarke St. W 1
Many thanks to Mrs. Ward for baking the cake.

Birthday Party & The Idle Race

The Guest List

The following came to our party…

1. Richard Starkey, M.B.E. 2. Stuart Henry, D.J. 3. Jimmy Young, D.J. 4. Jeff Lynne, Idle Race Aged 8, 5. Tony Blackburn, D.J. 6. Alan Freeman, D.J. 7. Kenny Everett, D.J. 8. Lyndon Johnson, Politician 9. “Ace” Kefford, Move 10. Hob Holness, D.J. 11. Paul Whitehead, Artist/Designer 12. Little Richard 13. Oliver Hardy 14. An elderly fan 15. Pete Myers, D.J. 16. Tommy Steele 17. Gregory Masters, Idle Race 18. John Lennon, M.B.E. 19. Robin Scott, Controller of Radios 1 & 2 20. Duncan Johnson, D.J. 21. Hank B. Marvin, Shadows Lead Guitar 22. Frankie Lyman 23. George Harrison, M.B.E. 24. Paul McCartney, M.B.E. 25. Roy Wood, Move (Formely with Idle Race) 26. Dave Pritchard, Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Idle Race 27. Jeff Lynne, Vocal & Lead Guitar, Idle Race 28. Gregg Masters, Bass Guitar Vocals, Idle Race 29. Gordon Andrews 30. Brian Jones 31. Roger Spencer, Drums & Vocals, Idle Race 32. Bob Reisdorff, Director Liberty Records 33. Chris Denning, D.J. 34. Terry Wogan, D.J. 35. Mike Lennox, D.J. 36. Mr. Ten Per Cent 37. Mrs. Dave Pritchard 38. Duke of Windsor 39. Pete Drummond, D.J. 40. Jonathan King, T.V. Personality, musician and Scholar 41. Bev Bevan, Move 42. Barry Alldis, D.J. 43. Ray Williams, Sugartown publisher and Idle Race Manager 44. Jimmy Saville, D.J. and T.V. Personality 45. Edward Offord, Produces Idle Race Records 46. Hughie (Double Your Money) Greene 47. Keith Skues, D.J. 48. Gerald Chevin, Idle Race Record Producer 49. Warren Mitchell (Alf Garnett) 50. Andrew Lauder, Production Libtery Records 51. David Ryder, D.J. 52. Dave Cash, D.J. 53. Martin Davis, Director Liberty Records 54. Roy Wood (as he was with The Idle Race, 1965) 55. Emperor Rosko, D.J. 56. Stevie Winwood, Traffic 57. Johnny Moran, D.J. 58. David Symonds, D.J. 59. Pete Brady, D.J. 60. Frankie Vaughan 61. Scott Walker (Aged 16) 62. Mike Raven, D.J. 63. Buddy Holly 64. Roger Spencer (Age 5) 65. Peter Murray, D.J. 66. Mike Ahern, D.J. 67. Ed. Stewart, D.J. 68. John Peel, Poet & D.J. 69. Peter Brady, (Invisible Man) 70. Bill Haley 71. Gene Vincent 72. Elvis Presley 73. Cliff Richard 74. Fats Domino 75. Alan Black, D.J. 76. Bernie Andrews, Radio One’s “Top Gear” Producer.
now we want you to join in.

More informations about the album you’ll find here.
Pictures taken from the japanese mini-LP card-sleeve edition (Toshiba EMI/TOCP-70271), released on July 25th 2007. This release is digitally remastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, London.

There’s another CD release by Retro Disc International (2006) from Spain, which comes with 15 Bonus Tracks, with an interesting alternate version of “Lucky Man” and “Follow Me Follow”. On the backside it’s written “Original Recordings – Digitally Remastered“, but the CD has terrible digital clipping noise each 20 seconds, which is very frustrating and a very bad result for a digitally remastered album. Don’t buy the Retro Disc International release. If you want a good remaster of this album then really choose the Japanese Edition.


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  1. Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting.Good luck to all of you. And I’m sure you’ll do fine. Really. Just fine.

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