This is a swiss children radio play!

Album Title
Chinde singed und verzelled Märli vom Geischt im Glas
EMI / Columbia 3E 048-33 635, 1972

Geischt im Glas*
Prinzässin uf em Erbsli
Tölpel Hans

*Music by Bruno Spoerri

I always heard this record when I was a child. Especially Spoerri’s spooky music theme of “Geischt im Glas” still fascintates me. Later I made a cover of this theme music. I think he already used the EMS Synthi 100 on this record. This is the only one I heard, but he made many many more stuff. I read that during the seventies he had to produce every week at least one TV-jingle, assignments for documentary films, radio plays or PR-campaigns.


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