Their Satanic Majesties Request [1967]

Original album artwork by Michael Cooper (1941-1973)*

* Limited first edition 3D cover
Later editions replaced the glued-on 3D image with a standard photo (see first image), due to high production costs. The master materials for re-printing the 3D cover were intentionally destroyed.
There’s a 3D cover replica mini LP (CD) reissue from Universal Music Japan. Unfortunately The Stones don’t turn their faces while moving the cover from left to right as the original 3D cover. It’s just a simple 3-layered room effect. And the image section of the 3D image is even smaller!

She’s A Rainbow/2000 Light Years From Home (Single)

There are 4 hidden faces on the album cover. If you can’t find them click “Read the rest of this entry »” to see them. If you click on the photo above you can find in a bigger size where they’re located.

Yes there is John, Paul, George & Ringo!


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