I’ve got a ATARI 2600 clone from China which hasn’t got a cartridge slot, because the games are already built into the console itself.

Instead of “VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM” it’s written “VIDEO COMPUTER CONSOLE”. The console is very light and looks similar as the black  “Darth Vader” design. On the right side it’s written “1200BUILT IN GAMES” but that’s not true at all, and between “1200” and “BUILT…” is a space is missing. There are exactly 127 built in games. It took me a long time to find out each game’s names. Thanks to the WWW & CO I could puzzle out every game! There are many rare games, which are really hard to find today on cartridge.
Download the gamelist here (PDF, 72 KB).



  1. I happen to own almost identical one, but without the power supply. Could you please advice me the voltage rating and polarity of the supply?

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Additionally, my console HAS the cartridge slot (it’s soldered into the mainboard, so I guess it’s not an imitation) AND 192 built-in games. Can’t check it working though…

  3. Could you please tell me these values? I do not have the original console. I’ve found the original power supplies on Ebay, they are rated 9V/500mA/negative outside, positive inside. But could you please confirm this before I burn my hardware? 🙂 I also noticed that the power connector is a mono mini-jack-alike, not the power connectors we are used to nowadays. Thank you in advance!

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