SEVERED HEADS – Alchemists Of Noise = Music

Never heard of the australian band called SEVERED HEADS? Then it’s time to check out their music. Still now their music is far ahead of what has been produced and recorded today, especially their art of how to use noiseloops and melt them into a piece of arranged rhythm music. Still today their music isn’t well known and mostly has been misunderstood.

Some tracks you may not like and understand for the first time. After listening them again, you suddenly understand it’s alchemy and the harmonies will appear more and more plastically. A good example is “Goodbye Tonsils” or “We Have Come To Bless The House”. Many say it’s industrial or later synthie-pop music. But as I tried to explain about their alchemistic way of melting bizarre noiseloops into arranged musical compositions, then Severed Heads become very special and unique.

My favourite album is “City Slab Horror”. On sevcom you can listen almost every album as a stream and of course you can buy the albums as CD or MP3.


Goodbye Tonsils

We Have Come To Bless The House

Harold & Cindy Hospital

Dead Eyes Opened