BLOSSOM TOES – We are ever so clean (1967)

We are ever so clean is the first album by The Blossom Toes, released in October 1967. The album was produced by Giorgio Gomelsky.

It was voted to be Number 40 of Record Collector’s “100 Greatest Psychedelic Records”.

Richie Unterberger: “One of the happiest, most underappreciated relics of British psychedelia”


Side 1

  1. Look At Me I’m You (Godding, Gomelsky)
  2. I’ll Be Late For Tea (Godding)
  3. The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (Westlake)
  4. Telegram Tuesday (Godding)
  5. Love Is (Godding)
  6. What’s It For (Cregan)
  7. People Of The Royal Parks (Westlake)

Side 2

  1. What On Earth (Godding)
  2. Mrs Murphy’s Budgerigar (Cregan, Westlake)
  3. I Will Bring You This and That (Godding)
  4. Mister Watchmaker (Godding)
  5. When The Alarm Clock Rings (Cregan)
  6. The Intrepid Balloonist’s Handbook, Volume One (Cregan)
  7. You (Godding)
  8. Track For Speedy Freaks (or Instant LP Digest) (Godding, Gomelsky, Cregan, Westlake)