Jean Jacques Perrey, Pat Prilly & Harry Breuer – MOOG GENERATION

Here’s a great reason to start the brand new year 2011 with Jean Jacques Perrey’s happy Moog music!
I absolutely love “Kiddy Kappers” and “Go-Go Scotch” from this fantastic rare album called MOOG GENERATION, released on the well known label “Montparnasse 2000”.

A1 Fusee Dans Le Ciel
A2 Bal Campagnard
A3 L’Horloge Hantee
A4 Kiddy Kappers
A5 Le Delfile Des Moustiques

B1 Pizzicato Polka
B2 Go-Go Scotch
B3 Un Soir A Munich
B4 Glockenspiel Gavotte
B5 Kiyouli Le Clown

Jean Jacques Perrey dedicated this and many other early albums to his daughter named “Pat Prilly”. In fact, some of the tracks are even credited with her name!

MOOG GENERATION & HAPPY MOOG is a must for all Moog library music lovers.

Thanks for your happy music Ms. Prilly, Mr. Perrey and Mr. Breuer!

By the way, there’s a famous swiss tv program called “KASSENSTURZ”. The original jingle is from Perrey’s album “MOOG EXPRESSIONS” and is called “Cardiophonie”. The new version has got overdubbed and remixed with a drum ‘n’ bass beat, which i feel terribly sorry for Perrey’s original version.

> More about Jean Jacques Perrey, Pat Prilly & Harry Breuer


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