Roger Roger – Chatta MOOGA Choo Choo

Roger Roger’s biography, like his name, is a fascinating one.
He was born August 5, 1911. To satisfy a personal whim, his father, Edmond Roger, named the child Roger. Since this duplicated his last name, the result was the odd and memorable double name ROGER ROGER.

Edmond Roger was a well-known opera conductor. He had been a classmate of Claude Debussy, and had shared with him first prizes for piano, violin and harmony at the Paris Conservatory of Music. Thus began young Roger’s musical education at an early age; he taught the boy piano, harmony, counterpoint, and the fugue, and launched his career as a precocious orchestra leader. At the age of eighteen, ROGER ROGER made his debut conducting a five-man orchestra in a small music hall. This gave him the opportunity to accompany well-known artists and play all the hit tunes of the day.

It did not take long for ROGER ROGER to get into Radio and Motion-Pictures; soon he devoted much of his time recording. From then on his orchestra grew larger; he composed works for more than fifty programmes here, over the different networks of Radio – Television Francaise, as well as those of Radio Luxembourg and Radio Monte Carlo, and appeared on many in person. He has composed the scores for more than fife hundred film productions, many of which have been featured in the United States. At the present time a great deal of Roger’s activity is centered around T.V. Meanwhile he is constantly striving to make his compositions more and more destinctive and increasingly original.

JAYCEE Records have the pleasure of inviting you to climb aboard the “CHATTAMOOGA CHOO CHOO” and joining ROGER ROGER on an interesting journey in electronic sound.

All composed and played by – ROGER ROGER
All published by – EROS MUSIC LIMITED
Produced by Roger Roger and Nino Nardini

Synthesizers used in this record:
1. A.R.P.
3. Special Custom.

A1 Chattamooga Chew Chew
A2 Canadian Specific
A3 Clapham Junction
A4 Willett’s Way
A5 Two Stop Local
A6 Moogy Blues
A7 Southern Belle

B1 Pullman Special
B2 Goofy Goes To Town
B3 Downline Calypso
B4 Rockin Ride
B5 Double Yellow Line
B6 Blueball Shunt
B7 Loco Tarta

Label: Jaycee
Catalog#: JC001
Released: 1976

> More about ROGER ROGER


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