The Announcement Machine [Playtime/1967]

All these electrical thingamajigs! You gotta be careful with all these buttons.



Coming soon in cimeas!

Based on a non-shot script by Jacques Tati
Directed and animated by Sylvain Chomet (Les Triplette de Belleville)
Official website:

Smiley Smile

Smiley Smile

Artwork painting: unknown?

Finally I’ve got the Smiley Smile on Vinyl (Brother Records/ST-09001/US/1967) and immediately went on to do a hi-res scan out of its wonderful artwork, which fits exactly to the mood of the music.
Smiley Smile is one of my favourite albums, I always listen again and again. Won-Won-Wonderful!

The smile that you send out returns to you
(Indian Wisdom)

Jan Švankmajer – Alchemist Of The Surreal

Here’s an updated post about Jan Švankmajer. He’s the alchemist of the surreal. One of the reasons why I visited Prag was because of him. He’s got a little gallery called GAMBRA in the olden town of Prag. I bought there “Otesánek” and the book “Transmutation of the Senses” about his life, artworks and films.

Short Films

Finally BFI DVD released a 3xDVD9 with the complete short films of Jan Švankmajer! Here’s the full content what’s on the three discs:

Disc One: Early Shorts 1964 – 72

The Last Trick, (1964, 11:18)
J.S. Bach – Fantasy in G Minor, (1965, 9:25)
A Game With Stones, (1965, 8:36)
Punch & Judy, (1966, 9:54)
Et Cetera, (1966, 6:58)
Historia Naturae, Suita, (1967, 8:38)
The Garden, (1968, 16:08)
The Flat, (1968, 12:34)
Picnic With Weissman, (1968, 10:39)
A Quiet Week In The House, (1969, 19:10)
Don Juan, (1969, 31:19)
The Ossuary, (1970, 10:04)
Jabberwocky, (1971, 13:20)
Leonardo’s Diary, (1972, 11:15)

Disc Two: Late Shorts 1979 – 92
The Castle of Otrano (1979, 17:13)
The Fall of the House of Usher (1980, 15:02)
Dimensions of Dialogue (1982, 11:18)
Down to the Cellar (1983, 14:44)
The Pendulum, The Pit and Hope (1983, 14:20)
Virile Games (1988, 14:01)
Another Kind of Love (1988, 3:36)
Meat Love (1988, 1:07)
Darkness, Light, Darkness (1989, 7:13)
Flora (1989, 0:31)
The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia (1990, 9:23)
Food (1992, 16:22)

Disc Three: Extras
Johanes Doktor Faust (Emil Radok, 1956) (17:22)
Nick Carter in Prague (1977, 4:59)
The Cabinet of Jan Švankmajer (1984, 53:35)
Les Chimères des Švankmajer (2001, 58:17)
Czech TV interview (2001, 8:57)
Lunacy Trailer (2005, 3:04)

For more information check here and here.

Feature Films

A new film will be released soon this month called Prezít svuj zivot (teorie a praxe), english title is Surviving Life (Theory and Practice). More infos can be found here.

tati sonorama!

There were 3 soundtrack compilations on CD (“Extraits des bandes originales des films de Jacques Tati”, “Composers for the films of Jacques Tati” and “Jacques Tati – jour de fête – mon oncle – les vancances de monsieur hulot – playtime”) released before “tati sonorama!”, but none of them were really complete and from the original tapes. Except the full original soundtrack from “Trafic” (see cover art below), “tati sonorama!” is the most complete set of Jacques Tati’s marvelous soundtracks on 2xCD!

“tati sonorama!” was released 2008 by the french label “naïve” and came as a limited edition booklet.

The original & complete soundtrack of “Trafic” from Charles Dumont was originally released in 1971 (Somethin’ Else/6441 001). JASRAC reissued the vinyl in 1994 (SLJS-5046). It even came with a film poster.

Another rare LP release (SONOPRESSE/SP 45566).

And finally CD release came in 2002 by Universal Music S.A France (017 187-2).